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GOSPEL FOR ALL NATION (GFAN), A purposeful Organization which aims at  strengthening the believers and enlightening the Christians about the entire reality that the world has driven into, GOSPEL FOR ALL NATION (GFAN) was established in Nigeria  and is now going viral as a non-denominational Christian organization in Nigeria with the Aim of reaching the world with The  Good News the message of our LORD JESUS CHRIST  as stated in Matthew 28:19-20, this alone is our Mission and we intend to prepare Christian Believers over “THE REALITY OF THE WORLD TOWARD THE END TIME AND THE REQUIREMENT CHRISTIANS NEED TO MAKE IT AND BE PART OF THE HEAVENLY CANDIDATE” of which most Christians has forgotten….. READ MORE


GOSPEL FOR ALL NATION (GFAN) believers in the world believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, As a Bible rooted Christian organization we believe in every word of God which has been writing in the bible the Holy Book of God.

GOSPEL FOR ALL NATION believes in the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is why we are here to prepare Christians and believers for the second coming of the lord Jesus Christ that they be prepared and readily waiting for him to “inherit the kingdom of God”

As a result of this we the GFAN has found the scripture (The Bible) as the most Holy, wonderful, priceless and unbeatable treasure given to men by God of which we must follow to be save, and this is what we believe about the scripture (The Holy Bible);….READ MORE



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